"Cool performance tonight guys!"

“We’ve jazz danced all the way back to the hotel!”
Debbie – Glasgow

"Amazing energy what a fantastic show!!"

“Best show I have see for years … I still have a smile on my face.”
Warner Leisure Hotels

"Cheers guys, you were superb!!"

“I was at your show in Nottingham this evening, and had a fab time.”
Anna – Nottingham


Authentic Jazz Dance Company

The Swing Time Jivers are the authentic jazz dance company, specialising in the original form of jive dancing that developed in Harlem in the late 1920s and are considered the UK’s finest dancers.

The versatility of this talented group is evident in the way that they master the many aspects of the authentic jazz dance tradition to include such styles as the “Lindy Hop”, “Charleston”, “Swing”, “Chorus Tap”, “One Man Dance”, “The Big Apple” and the “Soft Shoe Shuffle” to name but a few.